What is Relaxation Therapy?

It is mind and body management techniques, that induce the body quickly into deep stages of relaxation that assists you with the awareness of your mind and body, and how you can change in reacting in a positive way to different situations.

Cathy provides Healing at the Relaxation Therapy classes, and there is space for individuals to discuss their experiences within the class or on a one to one basis.

Relaxation Therapy includes various styles of relaxation techniques and meditation that includes Mindfulness, Pain release and Progressive Muscle relaxation, Creative Visualisation or Guided Meditations.

Benefits of Relaxation Therapy & Mindfulness

  • Recognise, slow down or stop automatic and habitual reactions

  • Respond more effectively to complex or difficult situations

  • See situations more clearly

  • Become more creative

  • Achieve balance and resilience at work and at home

  • To assist in pain relief including the muscles

  • To stop brain chatter

  • Provides the individual with a state of complete calmness of mind and body, controlling stress symptoms, anxiety and improves sleep.

  • Provide a safe place or sanctuary where an individual can access at any time.

  • Over time it is possible to improve health, help with the resistance to stressful situations, and overall cope and manage the quality of life.


  • Relaxation Therapy and Mindfulness encourages a general state of relaxation and wellbeing that encourages homeostasis and equilibrium of the body.

All relaxation techniques combine breathing more deeply with relaxing the muscles.

If you find it difficult to relax during a session, especially if it's your first time then do not be concerned your body and mind will begin to accept the practice with more ease.

Please contact me for an available place. Sessions on Wednesday mornings 10.00 prompt start until  11.30 (book early limited spaces) at Shelf.

I do 1 to 1 sessions on request only £10 for 60 minutes

"Since October 2013 I have had to face three major challenges in my family unit. With the help of Cathy's Relaxation Therapy I have managed to settle all three and I feel much more confident now". Noreen - Feb 2014

Are you ready to join in the friendly Relaxation Sessions and find out what the sessions can do for you?