ATLANTEAN HEALING  £40 - £45 per session

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Atlantis is now believed to be submerged beneath the Atlantic Ocean, some of the mountain tops remain in place, the Canary Islands, the Azores and Bermuda.

240,000 years ago Divine experiments were done to find out if people could retain their connection with the Divine Source, whilst being in the physical body.

Old souls forgot their previous existence and entered into a state of amnesia. Free will became clear to humans that resulted in termination and destruction of Atlantis’s land mass.

Around 18000BC after the 4th Phase the Earth entered into the Ice Age and the land mass then became the Atlantic Ocean.

By the 5th Phase of experiments (the last known phase) the Intergalactic Council decided that people would be separated from the outside world in order to maintain purity of the experiment and a dome of high frequency was put over Atlantis that acted as a protection preventing communication to the outside world. This then created a dome within that included the elements and atmosphere which kept out storms and earthquakes and other conditions and kept a highly developed spiritual environment inside.

This is known as the “Golden Age” its inhabitants enjoyed gifts such as healing, levitation, telepathy and clairvoyance.

The Temple of Poseidon was created by the Inter Galactic Council and was positioned in the centre of the 6 peaks creating the 7th peak thus representing the 7 pillars of the Universe that are related to the spiritual laws: The Law of One, The Law of Grace, The Law of Responsibility, The Law of Manifestation, The Law of Unconditional Love, The Law of Intention.

There were originally 12 High Priestesses and Priests in Golden Atlantis, these were: Thoth, Isis, Horus, Ra, Sett and Imhotep (Egyptian connections), these were connected to Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo,

Poseidon and Hera who had Greek connections.

Atlantis was a place where people lived in equilibrium and in perfect harmony with each other and with Nature. Its energy maintained their connection with the Divine Source that developed their spiritual and psychic powers amongst other things.


Atlantean Healing is a high frequency vibration therapy system and attunement that has been channelled by Birkan Tore from the great pools of the healing temples of Atlantis that was used by the healing priests and priestesses of Atlantis. Combined with the modern day healing techniques Atlantis Healing is energy based healing modality that balances the energy field. Atlanteans believed dis-ease was a manifestation of the imbalance of the energy field.

The healing process intuitively will be carried out specifically for the individual and for their highest good that works on their specific issues, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. The therapy is non-invasive, gentle and is a very powerful healing energy. The Atlantean Healing works on different levels: the Aura, the Chakras, the 4 Elements, the Soul and at the physical level including psychic clearing.


Benefits of Atlantean Healing:

  • Clear and remove old cords and fears from this life or previous lives
  • Assists in connecting to your DNA, releasing karmic residue and replacing your original divine blue print
  • Clear and replenish energies blocking your way forward on your journey through life
  • Balancing your 12 chakras
  • Balancing your 5 Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Spirit)
  • Replacing with Golden Light of Atlantis and powerful elements of the Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis
  • Aids developing your clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognitive etc.
  • Assist opening your heart to live in a higher 5th Dimensional energy of joy, peace, harmony and love.
  • Encourages deep relaxation


How can our Souls become fragmented?

Fragmentation of the soul may occur when we experience trauma in our lives, this can be through shock, sudden loss of life and injury, the loss of beloved family, friends and pets, traumatic childhood.The fragments of the soul could have left us at different times in our life and stay trapped within the moment of that trauma.

These healing sessions are designed to bring back pieces (or all) of the fragments of our soul to bring about balance in our life.

Possible symptoms:

  • Emotional emptiness
  • Use of external sources to fill void within - may be an addiction - alcohol, drugs, food etc.
  • Feeling of being disconnected
  • Not able to get over a situation/problem/issue
  • Not feeling in control
  • Scattered feelings
  • Why do I keep giving my power away?
  • Feeling of loneliness

These are just some of the possible symptoms, remembering all individuals are unique.

During a healing session you will be asked to lay fully clothed on a bed or seated in a chair if not practical. Each session will be conducted by me a Certified Atlantean Master Healing Practitioner who will be assisting with the application of the energy and healing process with Priestess Isis and other Priests & Priestesses from Atlantis, Angels from Atlantis and Ascended Masters and Unicorns.

The sessions may take up to 70 minutes including a consultation period, the Atlantean healing will continue for a number of days after the treatment balancing your energy field and physical body.

During a session crystals from Atlantis and spiritual sprays will be used.

Atlantean healing can be given in the practice, or just as powerful in a distant healing.

The Atlantean energies are suitable for animal healing on a one to one basis or for distant healing.

Distant Healing session for the above is £30 per session (exc. Soul retrieval) - payment by pay pal                                      


7th April 2018 - with gratitude RL

"Do you remember my last Atlantean Healing session? You symbolically cut manacles from my wrists that were attached to drinking glasses. Since than no alcohol, that's almost 3 months ago, it's the longest I've gone without alcohol since I was a child. Thank you".


                                   Incantation for Revelation of Priestess Isis - Alana Fairchild

Gift me with your vision now

End the distortion or the vow

That blocks the Eye within my brow

I receive the knowing clear

Without doubt, shame or fear

Lies and deceptions disappear

Revelation of Isis come to me swift

Thank you for the sight, the truth, the gift

Confusion into clarity I now do shift.