RELAXATION THERAPY for Corporate Business

             RELAXATION THERAPY for Corporate Business

Crystal Serenity Mission Statement

We aim to help change the cultural habits so that relaxation therapy can be part of everyone’s life.

 To achieve this:

    • We will supply a high quality service that provides benefits to

       our clients as well as value for money.

    • We will continue to improve our service to our clients and aim to

      be aware of the latest techniques for relaxation therapy.

    • We will contribute to the well-being of individuals and help them

       to see results.

   Benefits for the employer are:

     • improve employee focus

     • improve productivity

     • reduce stress and related absences

  • inspiration and innovation of work



Benefits for the employee are:

     • alleviate stress

     • relaxes the muscles

     • release tension

     • better concentration - clarity and better focus on goals

  Corporate relaxation classes to suit 

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