Including consultation (60mins) £35


ASCENSION LIGHT SOURCE - Mahatma Meaning "Great Soul"

What is Mahatma Infusion Energy Healing?

The Mahatma Energy refers to the aspect of Source Energy which can accelerate and maximise one's Ascension process. It is a Divine dispensation of the highest value. Mahatma Energy is the highest energy presently available to mankind on Earth.

The Mahatma Energy is our direct link to our Godhead, thus building a bridge of light through all 352 levels of God Consciousness.

During a significant astrological period in 1987 known as the Harmonic Convergence, the Mahatma Energy began to anchor into the Earth Plane and Astral Dimensions bringing about the Mass Consciousness as well as the 5 Higher Divine Rays of Creation.


What does this mean as a healing modality?

  • A session of this energy is wonderfully healing that stimulates both unconditional love for yourself and for others.
  • As we ascend we must become whole and accept all aspects as one with Source.
  • Mahatma Energy reaches far and deep and is a fine and high frequency that flows through our physical, mental and spiritual bodies through our physical aura and down into Mother Earth.

Benefits of a Mahatma Energy Healing:

  • Healing and Balancing our overall Well Being and Peace of Mind
  • Helps keep our immune system healthy and our metabolism balanced
  • Enhance your Ascension Process
  • Alleviate symptoms during Ascension (such as cramps in lower legs, pain in base of the neck, swelling of hands and feet, feeling constantly hot and cold
  • Radically awakening dormant DNA
  • Rejuvenate your physical and emotional bodies

What to expect during a Mahatma Energy Treatment:

After a short consultation the therapist will ask you to lay down fully clothed on a massage bed, there will be gentle soothing music playing in the background, candles will be burning and Angelic sprays will be used to add to the comfort and ease of the treatment within the safe environment.

(This treatment can also be done with the client sat in a chair or stood up).

During the treatment the therapist will move from your Soul Star Chakra through the chakras to your Earth Star and then  the aura (at etheric and physical body level) healing and balancing .The treatment will last approximately      60 minutes. After the treatment you may feel immediate effects taking place such as feeling lighter and energised. As the days progress you will feel a stronger connection to Angels, Archangels and expressions of the Divine along with your Consciousness awareness will have expanded.

There will be a further short consultation after the treatment to allow the client to become fully present and grounded, this is a powerful healing energy treatment.