All these Testimonials are from written documentations/media by clients or by individuals that have attended therapy appointments or attended Crystal Serenity's Trainings, Workshops or Meditation classes.

        S Massey 3 July 2019

        I received a wonderful Atlantean Healing session from Cathy yesterday. Learnt a few new things                  about some of my past lives that were shown to Cathy but also had some 'gut feeling' things                        confirmed.


        H. SAN  28 June 2019

         Generous, kind & knowledgeable. She knew exactly what was going on with me and how to                         get it sorted.Negative energy is more than what we think, and attachments can cause havoc,                       but that's what makes   the difference between a 'healer' with a range of certificates and a                           Healer with the tools, guidence,knowledge and natural skill set to solve a clients problem.

         Very underestimated! Highly recommend Crystal Serenity.

        D Lumb  21 May 2019

        I had an amazing treatment with Cathy ~ the Access Consciousness Facelift. What can I say??

        It truly was amazing 😍 it’s not a facelift per se but WOW it really does lift you fully. It was deeply                  relaxing and I was smiling from ear to ear when it finished ~ not sure why but I know I felt amazing

        from deep within and it lasted too. It’s a few weeks since my treatment and when I think about it I still          get the smile lifting my face. Try it I’m sure you’ll love it too. I’ll be going back for another treatment              that’s for sure 😍

The World of Crystals & Healing Level 1 Workshop 13/1/19


Interesting, fun, thought provoking.


Really good to gain further understanding in the vast world of crystals

A relaxed atmosphere and a comfortable and engaging course.

Liberating, thought provoking, focused and intriguing.



Amazing so interesting, brilliant and satisfying


Nice relaxed atmosphere. interesting, enjoyable.


Felt I have gained a lot from today’s workshop.

Felt the workshop was well organised and facilitated. I am keen to do more workshops with Cathy.

Interesting, engaging, re-assuring.


A really lovely day. Very relaxed and informative.

Empowering, informative, brilliant.

Crystal Heaing and the Energy System Level 2 - 28/10/18


Structured. I always knew what I was going to do. All my questions were answered fully. It was brilliant.

Margaret G

Excellent workshop, very informative. pleased to have been given a chakra balance. I came today feeling "under the weather" stressed & burnt out. Feeling great now.


Fully enjoyed myself. Workshop was enlightening, calming and balancing energies.

Rose Quartz Facial & Chakra Balance - 8/10/18

Beverley S

I would like to recommend the Rose Quartz facial by Catherine Ritchie

I don’t normally have facials, as I tend to react to the products, but thought I’d give it a try


My skin felt smoother and moisturised and no reaction at all!

I also fell asleep several times as the treatment room atmosphere was really calm

I will definitely be back for more !

The World of Crystals & Healing Level 1 - 2/9/18


Crystal workshop today was excellent. Really enjoyed the unexpected healing and meditation at the end too! Cathy is a fantastic teacher and healer, so passionate and knowledgeable in what she does. I highly recommend and can’t wait for the second workshop!!

Fantastic day. I didn't expect to receive healing or to do so many techniques where I felt the energy of the crystals. Learnt a lot, really enjoyed it.

Relaxing, energising, belonging.


Fantastic, all questions  answered when required. I felt easy and at peace to ask anything.

Informative, Powerful (in a self confidentway).

Rose Quartz Facial Massage - 14/8/18


Thank you so much Cathy for the wonderful rose quartz facial. I felt both relaxed and invigorated. Look forward to the next one. Xxx

Crystal Heaing and the Energy System Level 2 - 12/8/18


Wonderful to learn so much new information

Been a pleasure to work with Cathie, she has such  enthusiasm & knowledge.


Energy enhancing


To be highly recommended, it's made me want to learn more & hopefully Cathie will provide more workshops about crystals.


An abundance of information which I will enjoy studying & learning to further advance my spiritual path.

Once again as Level1 Interesting & enjoyable with light hearted interaction.



Valuable experience.

The World of Crystals & Healing Level 1 - 5/8/18


Excellent workshop, Cathy is very knowledgeable and shared this with the group.

Very clear and precise guidance throughout the day.

Informative, understanding, clarity.


Interesting & informative.

Very gifted & knowledgeable lady making the course light hearted & friendly.

Interesting, informative & fun.


Very clear understanding of how crystals work- could understand everything that was given in the literature.

Came across very knowledgable.

Learnt loads and feel I could work with crystals easier and more effectively. Great atmosphere and everyone was friendly & lovely.

Interesting, exciting, informative.

Great experience would recommend.

 Angelic Reiki Share - 26/5/18


Thank you soooo much for last week.

What an amazing Session with yourself Sue and Carol.

Coaching & Mentoring - 26/5/18

(content shortened and names not revealed due to client  privacy, permission has been granted to post the below).

When I think back to about a year ago sat at my computer at work thinking where is there help for N (privacy of name) and her mental health issues before I go under myself.

I was looking at Angels and thought Angels Angelic. I started looking.

I looked up at the computer and there you were your lovely smiling face there was something about you.

And then you lived close by wammy as time constraints due to working.

Cathy you have made a huge difference not just for N (privacy of name) and myself to all of us.

From the bottom of my heart

Thank you so much Cathy

Angelic Reiki - 13/5/18

P Brown‎

I recently experienced an Angelic Reiki session with Cathy and it was FAB. So relaxing and serene. Thank you to the lovely Cathy.

Thai Hand & Foot Massage - 24/3/18

J Porter

Thank you for the Thai Foot massage; it was a surprising enjoyable treatment for me.  All the heaviness around my chest/heart area has gone, it feels such a relief.

 World of Crystals & Healing - 28/1/18




Leaves you ready to go to the next level

Angelic Reiki Share - 13/1/18


What a wonderful share this morning. Thank you ladies it was a privilege to be part of such strong and loving healing energies. Love and blessings to you all.

The World of Crystals & Healing - 26/11/17

J Cupryk

I have had a lot of questions answered about safely using crystals.

I felt completely comfortable.

I have enjoyed all aspects of the workshop (more)

I love the learning and Cathy talking and assisting us through it all.

Cathy goes that extra mile using her own knowledge ensuring learning and understanding,

thank you.

M Canham

The day was wonderful and relaxing; I felt at ease, and now feel more confident working with crystals.

It gave me a good insight into working with crystals intuitively and safely.

Cathy explains everything and makes is so easy to understand. Made me feel at ease and very welcome.

Lovely workshop, I can’t wait for the next one.

I have really enjoyed this workshop today. I have met my learning objectives and will continue to use the wonderful information and advice in my everyday life. 

Angeli Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training  10 - 12 November 2017


What a fabulous weekend. Lovely people and a mind blowing experience.

Crystal Heaven Testimonial 31/10/17

Neil Hammond Both my wife Zena and I can highly recommend Catherine, we have had the pleasure to work with her on a number of occasions and her professional approach and integrity when running her courses is very special. If you would like to take the next stage of your Angelic Reiki journey then why not book your place with her.

Atlantean Healing - 10th October 2017


The difference it has made is really significant:

- my head space seems to have cleared completely, not that I had head aches but it feels much better

- my heart chakra also seems lighter and feels like I can be more giving

- feel generally more upbeat and positive and able to do more things I want such as exercise (went running twice this weekend)

- feel less stressed or anxious

Thank you!

Abundance Angel Coffee Morning    - 14/9/17


What a fabulous way to relax and enjoy a brilliant coffee morning at Crystal Serenity with the Angel Guidance Board. I enjoyed relaxing today with the beautiful and gifted Cathy, the Angel Guidance Board was great fun with beautiful messages given with an incredible amount of detail that is true and accurate. It was complete serenity to enjoy and a replenishing Thai hand massage afterwards with coffee and a delicious cake brought by one of the lovely ladies xx highly recommended for a chilled but fun morning. Looking forward to next one, it's definitely something to try if you haven’t before. Xxx Thank you Cathy for a beautiful morning and fun natter with all the lovely ladies xxx

 Healing and the Energy System Workshop Level 2 2nd July 2017


Very interesting throughout, enlightening, informative, enabling, instilling confidence.


Fun, fabulous,enjoyable and extremely good workshop. Cathy is an extremely  knowledgeable and kind teacher.

Thai Hand & Foot Massage 14/6/17


A beautiful place, a beautiful person who is gifted in all ways that help us be a best we can be. I have recently received a fantastic Thai foot and hand massage, its helped my back and hips, and also some joint problems along with a nice relaxed feeling. I highly recommend Cathy Ritchie for all the services she offers, she is not only skilled in what she practices but is more than kind and understanding. The most recent and very uplifting experience for the development of our wellbeing is the meditations she holds on Tuesdays, they give a new light to our lives that we did not see before, and believe me it makes life all the more beautiful to know it is there. I am truly grateful to Cathy for making me find happiness and health again, and I would highly recommend you make contact if you have not already to find out more. xxx

The World of Crystals & Healing Workshop Level 1  11th June 2017


Very interesting, enlightening, fun.

The chakra clearing was amazing and a good learning tool to watch it taking place by a "master" at this.


Thanks Cathy for an amazing and informative day... you are a truly awesome trainer. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Can't wait for level 2 now! Grateful thanks. xx


Fun, relaxing, tiring

Meditation Class 30th May 2017


Thank you Cathy for a wonderfully relaxing meditation session. It has brought me a lot of peace x

Had some interesting dreams last night, after following the 'homework' prayer you gave us!

I would highly recommend these meditation sessions to anyone.

Cathy you are the absolute top facilitator. xxx

16th May 2017


A beautiful and unique experience at Crystal Serenity yesterday evening. Cathy is a gifted Teacher, Healer, and Lightworker, I am still feeling the uplifting effects today; It is amazing to understand how we work not just on a physical level but also how we connect with ourselves in a deeper way allowing us to develop to reach our full potential as human beings. Wooweee such fun in the process and a fun chat afterwards! xxx

Spending time on ourselves to understand who we are is important and how we can grow to reach fulfilment in life unlocks our life's truth and full potential... So we can be happy  :) Thank you Cathy for a wonderful experience I look forward to the following workshops and meditations. I highly recommend this experience which is held fortnightly by the loving and graceful Cathy at Crystal Serenity.

Divine Love xxx

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 Degree Training 24th March 2017


'I have completed the Angelic Reiki Training level 1 and 2 with Crystal Serenity, which has been an experience beyond words.  Since then we have been fully supported and guided through the share groups Cathy offers.  The chance to share knowledge and experiences as we grow with the Divine gift of Healing is a very important thing; it has certainly helped me gain confidence.  In our most recent Angelic Reiki share we had the chance to travel further into our spiritual journey and ascension as Cathy guided us through one of the most amazing meditations that had unlocked the key to our Divine growth.  This mediation allowed us to access and awaken our higher chakras and unlock the full positive and Divine potential our higher Light self.   The feelings and sensations are uplifting, empowering and enlightening.  Following the meditation I received beautiful signs from Heaven through angel numbers, words and feelings throughout the day and a very restful sleep.

Cathy you are a wonderful and truly gifted teacher, I am thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn with you and the many Angels I meet in the share groups at Crystal Serenity'

14th March 2017


Thank you for the crystal healing today , amazing treatment, with the lovely Catherine Ritchie,

your passion and your Love for the crystals is amazing

Will be back

17th 18th 19th February 2017 Angelic Reiki Training


What an amazing and life changing weekend it has been for me! I have loved every minute of the training. Thank you very much Catherine for the brilliant way you delivered the sessions to us, and to Jackie for being an excellent 'partner'. I have learnt so much from you both.

A mind blowing experience that I would highly recommend.x


A fantastic weekend. Can't wait to move forward on my Angelic Reiki Healing Journey. Thank you Catherine. You are true Angel and so passionate about your work. It was lovely meeting you Diane and thank you for all the healing xx


I have just completed my Angelic Reiki Training with Catherine. What a awesome weekend. Truly amazing. Fabulous energies and a real honour to be working with the Angelic Realm. Catherine is a fantastic teacher

Violet - 19th January 2017

I have been going through a rough time with various life changing things, as most people are at this time, in the last few years I had lost my confidence and trust for myself and everything I do and this began to really seriously affect my life and everyone in my life.  With my first session Cathy asked me to prepare and note down all the positive things i would like to focus on achieving in my life, not material things, but things I want to be or how I want to live as well as the person I would like to become.  I made a note in a very simple way as advised by Cathy, making it fun and easy to do.  I found Cathy to be easy to talk to; she listened to what I was feeling, made no judgements and provided the right processes that worked for me.  Within the first session I felt I had stepped over a huge mile stone, one large hurdle that personally I thought I could not move forward from... I was wrong! I had moved from letting go and replacing that old perspective to embracing a new one.  Cathy as a wealth of experience and applied all her knowledge, skills and understanding to allow me to grow within my first session.  She helped me identify and acknowledge key issues in a unique and quite simple way without me realizing how far I had come with a few simple steps.  Cathy also included a meditation that allowed me to travel deep in my consciousness, let’s just say I was glowing afterwards and had the biggest smile on my face and a much lighter body! I highly recommend Cathy for all types of development, she unbelievably knowledgeable and integrates that knowledge with other skills to fit to individual needs.  I am grateful for her help and guidance, thank you Cathy.

Angelic Reiki Training 9/10/11/Dec 2016 by Jane Dunning

My expectations were met and surpassed Catherine Ritchie is the most incredible teacher patient knowledgeable and has a total love for her vocation.

Angelic Reiki Training 9/10/11/Dec 2016 -  Sheena

is a truly wonderful experience and blessing. It’s been fun and exciting but most of all enlightening. I am truly grateful for your teaching and kindness and all the love from our beloved Angels and Ascended Masters xxx

Crystal Healing and the Energy Systems 1st December 2016

Sheena C W

What a fabulous day yesterday! I was still off with the fairies when I left you... there are purple flashes everywhere! I never had any expectations but all the things we have learned have been so far has given me a better understanding of myself as well the world of crystals and their magic!  I have always been drawn to certain crystals and their meaning, the importance of chakras and how we are affected by things for each Chakra.  You are Briliant teacher, thank you for all the information you provide you make it fun and interesting! I did enjoy the coloured chakra and essential oil elements, I truly believe smell really is important and once I smelt that sage for the third eye... amazing!

The three words I would use are...




Jackie B

Three words to describe the workshop:


Lovely, Relaxing and Intuitive

Introduction to the World of Crystals & Healing Workshop - 3rd November 2016

Sheena C W

A lot of information presented in an easy way to understand step by step.

Felt at ease, Cathy was kind, friendly and answered any question.

The workshop was enjoyable, creative and life changing.

Thank you for being kind – a lot of knowledge and great information.

Jackie B

Great atmosphere and lovely premises.

Well organised and extremely knowledgeable lady.

Puts people at ease.

The workshop was enjoyable, relaxed and informative.

Lovely healing process when working on the thymus.

Thank you for a lovely day.

Introduction to the World of Crystals & Healing Workshop - 18th September 2016

at Mystical Moments Slaithwaite

Suzanne H

I really enjoyed this workshop and would recommend it to a friend.

Evie W

Very interesting and I enjoyed it immensely. Loved finding out about the crystals. Found the crystal healingmade me feel relaxed and it helped my pain.

Cathy was lovely and very professional.

The workshop was informative, interesting and healing.

Melissa S

• 3 July 2016

I received crystal therapy healing session today with Cathy at the Cawthorne village hall for the mind, body and spirit fair. Wow, it was amazing.

Really felt the energy shifting as she worked to unblock my meridians.

I would definitely recommend. Such a lovely lady.

Thank you ever so much.

24th March 2016 - Atlantean Healing - Anne EW

I had an Atlantean Healing from Catherine last night. It was wonderful; the energy was intense and very effective. I saw majestic Dolphins and beautiful Whales. I could feel shackles being released; my right foot in particular feels lighter and free. Catherine also discussed in detail, what healing had taken place and how long I should continue to heal for. Catherine is a lovely lady, very caring and would definitely recommend. Thank you

My pleasure Catherine, I had so many questions - you answered them with clarity and love. Thank you so much. Love and Angel blessings Anne xxxx


4th January 2016 - Rachael Hattersley

I had a wonderful meridian therapy with crystals with Cathie. It worked deeply to shift old blockages and helped me to rebalance. I also noticed how much more relaxed my shoulders were the next day. Thanks very much Cathie

26th October 2015 - Jon Hoyle

Thank you to Catherine Ritchie at Crystal Serenity for an amazing Reiki session last week .

Very different to what I expected... Angels to cleanse and then Angels to heal.. Plus a Sigel to work with .

I would certainly recommend Catherine Ritchie.

Crystal Healing Workshop 13th June 2015

Ann - Very experienced and knowledgeable nice lady. Well planned.

Nan - Very inspiring - learned a lot of interesting information. Friendly and helpful, brilliant.

Philip - Very enjoyable interactive class, great energy and excellent explanations. Explained things well and proves that hard of hearing does not have to be a problem. Looks natural as a Teacher, keeping the group attentive and engaged. Flowing, engaging and entertaining.

Lyn - Amazing, interesting, magical. Once again I thoroughly enjoyed Cathy's workshop even more

Crystal Workshop - Introduction to the Magical World of Crystals, 30th May 2015

Philip - Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, found a lot of the information very well put forward, enjoyable, informative and interactive.

Angela - Most enjoyable thank you Cathy, the healing was wonderful, thank you so much.

Ann - What I learned will be useful.  Enjoyed the course.

Rachael - I really enjoyed the workshop and the material was useful. Cathy is friendly and approachable and made the workshop fun and informative.

Lyn - Fun, interesting, amazing.

2015 - Catherine W

Went to Catherine Ritchie's healing meditation this morning at Down 2 Earth Psychic Centre, feel amazing, so uplifted & healed. An wonderful experience! Will make it a weekly practice once I've finished teaching at Easter. Thank you Catherine x

Top of Form

Crystal Healing - Apryl - 12th December 2014

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Cathy for all the positive & wonderful changes that have been happening in my life since having my crystal healing sessions. I am 19 years of age and I never thought I could be free from my anxiety and phobia's until I met Cathy, I honestly can't thank you

Feedback from Crystal Healing Workshops 2014

Kay - Cathy was friendly, relaxed and focused on teaching. The workshop was very informative and identified how important crystals are in healing.

Lorraine -Workshop was fun, relaxing and informative. A fantastic introduction to crystals and crystal healing. Cathy was excellent fun to learn with.

Bev - Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Cathy answered all questions in a professional and understandable fashion.

Sue - The blessing of the day was receiving a great deal of healing and also the information we received to take home was exceptionally well presented.

Dylan - A very good overall understanding of subject shown to the group. Experience from workshop, peaceful, calm and confidence.

Michelle - Experience of workshop was deep, knowledge and amazing. Thank you Cathy x

Sharon - Really enjoyable workshop, really valuable in clarifying and developing my understanding of crystals. Experience of workshop, powerful, emotional and empowering.

These testimonial are from when I work in Hebden Bridge on a Thursday at The Down 2 Earth Psychic Club.

Testimonial - Elaine Smith - 4th Sept 2014

I came to the Psychic Centre for Reiki to help me feel uplifted as I was unable to cope with all the negativity I was feeling due to long term depression. During the Angelic Reiki treatment, I felt things changing and the state of deep relaxation was so good. I didn't want to come out of it.

It was only a 20 minute session, but the effects lasted at least a week and I noticed that I was feeling more positive and able to relate to people in a more positive way.

The next week I began the mindfulness meditations which has helped me feel more reassured and supported by the Totem Animals I saw during the meditation, which I felt symbolised answers to my questions.

It's hard to express or understand, but the experience has had a profound effect on me.

Lorraine G - 18th Sept 2014

Had a very positive experience at the centre yesterday, I had booked a Crystal Healing treatment with the lovely Cathy who put me at ease the moment I arrived, very gentle, friendly and considerate of my requirements whilst still being professional. Her knowledge and willingness to share any findings brings me confidence in not only to return for more visits but, also in recommending without hesitation. A big thank you.

Crystal Healing - Apryl - 12th December 2014

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Cathy for all the positive & wonderful changes that have been happening in my life since having my crystal healing sessions. I am 19 years of age and I never thought I could be free from my anxiety and phobia's until I met Cathy, I honestly can't thank you

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Testimonial - Sue Brook - August 2014

I have known Cathy for only 8 months, but I knew the moment I spoke with her that I would have a special person in my life for however long that was meant to be. Cathy is warm, sensitive, empathic and extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work with crystals and energy. I have MS and have had this for 30 years now. I have tried various complementary therapies all of which I have benefitted from, however, Cathy's work just excels and gives me so much more. Cathy has good knowledge of MS which is a huge benefit as she really does understands the nature of the dis-ease, but together with her knowledge of the crystal healing and energy I always come away from the treatment totally lifted, re-charged and pain free, the bonus is many good night's sleep, that's invaluable to me. Thanks to Cathy I can feel human again when my hectic life just gets too much.

Testimonial - Lynda L - July 2014

Cathy saw me on 8th July 2014 for a treatment having previously given me a course of treatments which I have talked about in a previous testimonial.  I returned to Cathy because of the success of my previous treatments and also because I badly needed her help.  Cathy has a way about her that makes you confident that you are in a safe pair of hands - literally.

I was having a personal crisis due to my trying to support a family member to leave an abusive relationship.  I had also been the subject of aggressive threatening behaviour which had been taking place in public and at my home.    As you can imagine after weeks of this my health physical and emotional was breaking down so I asked to see Cathy for a treatment.

The treatment Cathy gave me was crystal therapy and also cleansing of the chakras.  The treatment was intensive and I felt quite tired afterward - but in a good way.  I felt literally lighter and that night I slept properly for the first time in months something I badly needed.  I saw Cathy a couple of days later and told her how much her treatment had helped me and that I felt that I was coping better due to her therapy.

I am looking forward to returning to Cathy under different circumstances for a relaxing and balancing treatment to keep my MS in check in fact I will book it soon.

Testimonial - Cheryl M - 30th Aptil 2014

"I would like to tell you about Catherine.

I have known Catherine for quite a number of years now and have to tell you that not only is she my beautiful  dear friend, she is also a very skilled and talented Therapist ,Tutor, Medium and Life Coach, as well as volunteering in her spare time, these are only some of her many talents.

Catherine is a very spiritual lady that works with the angelic realms and spirit, and is an expert in her Native American field, she has studied extremely hard and has knowledge and experience on lots of different things crystals, angels, relaxation meditation are to name a few and her work comes from the heart.  Catherine is extremely passionate about her therapies and most of all with her clients which she has brilliant rapport with and shows a great deal of empathy towards their needs.

I know that Catherine's treatments are special just as she is and I can promise you that you will receive the best treatment from Catherine my colleague my friend my soul sister."   

1 March 2014 - Maria

"Thank you for the wonderful crystal healing today, just what I needed. My back is feeling much better". ♥

20 February 2014 - Nicola G

"Just like to say had a session with Cathy today it was amazing highly recommend her. Thank you so much". xx

21 February 2014 - Nicola G

"Feeling nice and clear this morning Catherine, Had a great sleep many thanks my lovely" x

Relaxation Therapy

"At last I have found something that works for me".                                                 NB     July 2013

"Relaxation session with Cathy - this is definitely helping me cope with my stress each week I am feeling much more relaxed".                                                                                         NB Oct 2013

"My sleep pattern has greatly improved since attending relaxation therapy".         NB Dec 2013

"When I attended the first relaxation therapy I used to shake all over my body due to anxiety. That was three weeks ago, now I am much calmer and only have shaking in my hands. I am also feeling more confident and better in myself".                                                                        BW  Jan 2014 

"I would not have had the courage or confidence to go ahead and have a breast re-construction if it were not for Cathy's Relaxation Therapy sessions."                                                         AF April 2014 

Suzanne Wade - 10 November, 2013

Owner, Developing Minds Ltd

"Cathy is a highly skilled therapist who provides a wonderfully relaxing environment for her clients. I thoroughly enjoyed the new experience of receiving a Crystal Healing session and the insights it gave to me."

Amina Rehman - 8 February, 2013

Community Health Activator at NHS Bradford District Care Trust (Contract)

"Cathy is very professional and well organised person. I have had the pleasure of experiencing guided Relaxations which she has led and been a client for the Crystal Healing both of which I found to really relaxing and invigorating. I would recommend you try this for yourself to experience the benefits of relaxation and healing."

Crystal Healing

Lynda 2012

"I would like to talk to you about my experience of crystal therapy from Cathy Ritchie having recently completed a course which also included relaxation and elements of reflexology.

Firstly Cathy made me feel at ease by explaining before each session exactly what areas she would be working on and the methods and crystals she would be using.  I am a complete novice regarding crystals and found her descriptions of their qualities fascinating.  The sessions themselves were very relaxing and the good feeling generated stayed with me long after I left Cathy’s treatment room.

I have a complex illness (MS) and was not seeking a cure but relief from the symptoms especially the stress of being constantly tired and aches and pains which never left me even when sleeping.  Cathy helped mind, body and spirit by working on chakras, meridians clearing attachments and more.

I have really benefited from this treatment in fact it has helped me to be more optimistic about the future so has been beneficial overall and I have a new interest to explore - crystal’s.

Thanks Cathy