Cathy Ritchie SSSCHT ACHO.AP22004 Dip BCMA Reg. - Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher,

Angelic Crystal Reiki Practitioner, Divine Lightworker, Master Atlantean Healing

Practitioner, Advanced Master, Crystal Practitioner.


Owner and Founder of Crystal Serenity.


Cathy is a Professionally Qualified Intuitive Divine Lightworker, Crystal Therapist & Tutor, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Crystal Reiki Practitioner, Atlantean Healing Master Practitioner, Past Life Regression Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Relaxation/Meditation Therapist, Workshop Facilitator, Access Bars & Body Process Practitioner, Thai Hand & Foot Massage Practitioner, Indian Head Massage Practitioner, Facials & Rose Quartz facial therapist and Medium that provides Complimentary & Holistic Therapies and teachings to those who want to make an investment in their life and future that supports their overall Well Being, Enlightenment & Ascension.


Cathy is a Munay-Ki Mentor and Healer- Gifting of the Nine rites of initiation which heals us and transforms the human energy field into that of homo luminous, a transcended light being.


I have been given the title of "The Clearer" by my guides a few years ago now. This is because clients that find themselves at a crossroad, whether it be due to health problems, emotional blockages, relationship problems, or career choices, are feeling stuck, they feel that after a treatment with me, they are able to move along their journey, with more clarity of where they want to be in life and who they want to be.















I am very passionate about the teachings and treatments I provide, and I ensure that I keep up to date with current training along with the learnings/channellings from my Guides and Archangels so that individuals receive the best treatment and learning that Crystal Serenity can offer. I love working with the natural healing energies of our beloved crystal kingdom and encorporating them in many of the treatments I offer.My belief is to be your true authentic self, standing in your own power.


Cathy specialises in Meridain Therapy, acupressure point therapy, treating individuals that have MS.


Specialises in releasing trauma, bringing stability back into your life, relieving pain.


Specialises in the Spiritual Development of indivduals that would like to ascend into higher dimensions.


Working hand in hand with Archangels, Ascended Masters and expressions of the Divine, channelling divine messages for those that require assistance on their journey through life.


Past Life Therapy - removing shackles, cords & attachments to past lifes. Are you haunted by repeat negative incidents in your life, have you ever wondered if it is from a past life? Try my Atlantean Healing to discover what past lifes you have had and what requires removing to help you move forward with ease in this life. Experience deep Soul healing with the Atlantean Soul Retrieval.


Having being diagnosed in 1999 with a life threatening brain aneurysm it made me look at life in a new light. My gift of working with spirit in my teens became very strong at this point as I was told by my guides and angels to make a Doctor listen to me and that it was not just a migraine or flu symptoms I was having. It took seeing 4 Doctors before I was sent for a CT scan which showed I had a life threatening aneurysm, which 3 months later was clipped to save my life. I had also been told I had 2 smaller aneurysms at the other side of the brain that would be monitored over the years.


I was working in a corporate business which made me suppress my gifts although I continued to have parties for friends and family. I became aware of my Native American guide and many more healing modalities along with more spititual teachers so I began developing myself over the years to give me focus on what I was expected to do that was advised by my guides, and that was to provide a service to others who required help with their body, mind or spirit personal development and ascension.


In 2009 and still working at a corporate business I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia (ET), this condition causes me to have blurred vision and extreme fatigue at times.


In 2012 I was diagnosed with a second life threatening aneurysm which was coiled 2 months later. This time my outlook on life had definitely changed after the operation, my calling became much stronger now and I was determined to set up my own business as an Holistic Healer and Teacher, so in April 2013 Crystal Serenity was founded, and I thoroughly love what I do with a passion.


With my extensive knowledge and experience I intergrate elements of this knowledge and healing into my treatments to enhance and evolve my Healing Practice and Teachings with empathy and from the heart, to ensure clients and students receive the truest and best healing and teachings that will assist them on their journey though life.


I create a safe and calming environment in a purpose built therapy room, which allows you to be relaxed and put at ease. Everyone is different so I adapt my style and techniques to suit each individuals needs.


  • Workshops for Angelic Reiki - Levels 1 & 2 Practitioner

Levels 3 & 4 Master Teacher


  • I do Talks and Workshops on Crystal Therapy - contact me for details
  • I can travel to your home, to do most of the healing Modalities, additional travelling expenses could be incurred over 10 miles from base - contact me for details





Past Life Regression - NCP National Council of Psychotherapists


Access Consciousness


Munay-Ki - Four Winds Society


Angelic Reiki Association


Crystal Healing Diploma - Soothing Stones School of Crystal Healing


Anatomy & Physiology - Soothing Stones School of Crystal Healing


ACHO - Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations


NLP Master Practitioner - INALPTA - International NLP Trainers Association


CIPD Certificate in Training Practice - Huddersfield University